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The Arab Institute for Human Rights launched in 2009 a new initiative, so that the participants could attend a partial on line training of some program topics related to the «Regional Anabtawi Session» preceding the direct training. Such initiative was achieved after a long experience in the field of organizing «Anabtawi Session» through the direct attendance and after various evaluations of the session by beneficiaries, experts and trainers; as well as depending on the results and recommendations of the Thinking Workshops on Human Rights Education, which the A.I.H.R used to organize since 2001. This was in collaboration with the Association of Human Rights Education HREA that provides these lessons through its own web site related to on line training. The Institute intends to continue this experience regularly and to reinforce gradually on line training by using other Training Units.

After selecting candidacies by the Arab Institute Committee of Training and Human Rights Education, the participants who have been accepted, will receive on line training (through the web site) about the following main topics: the International System of Human Rights, the International Humanitarian Law, the System of Women Rights and the System of Child Rights. The online Training period lasts from 6 weeks to 8 weeks in which the Arab Institute provides the necessary training courses and reference documents, in order to provide intensive training for participants in those fields of knowledge.

Under the supervision of the Arab Institute for Human Rights, a Team of Trainers and Experts carry out a continuous follow up of participants, by providing them with all necessary information and by testing them progressively about all topics related to the above-mentioned subjects.

During the first year in which the Arab Institute for Human Rights conducted this experience (2009), all participants who followed the partial on line training period have been accepted (26 participants from 11 Arab countries). Whereas, in 2010 fifty participants from 14 Arab countries participated in the session, and sat for an on line progress test after which they would be accepted in the second phase of the on line training as well as in the direct attendance in the «Regional Anabtawi Session».

This experience allowed the Institute to set further the criteria used in selecting the appropriate participants for the training session, and in motivating them for more training and learning in order to be well-prepared for the direct attendance.

Furthermore, the fact of expanding the circle of beneficiaries of the session, even if the training is merely on line, can be considered as a contribution to provide more opportunities for training and learning in the field of Human Rights.


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